How to Show Product Group Name if found for the line item for the Quotes & Invoices?

How to Show Product Group Name if found for the line item for the Quotes & Invoices?

Navigation: Quotations --> New Quotation | View Quotation | Edit Quotation || Invoices --> New Invoice | View Invoice | Edit Invoice

The user can now view the list of products under a single group while adding them from a group of available products under the quotation module. Similarly, this applies to the invoice module also.

1.        Click the "Quotations" module from the left panel and select "New Quotation."

2. Select “+ Add from Group” to add the available products to the quotations from the group.

3. The group name will be displayed below each line time.


The grouping of the products helps the user differentiate the items added from a group from the items that are not present in a group.  

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