How to Assign or Unassign Technicians to a Job?

How to Assign or Unassign Technicians to a Job?

Job Assignment helps determine which team or employee is in charge of completing a specific job. Based on your Workflow Settings, you can auto-assign jobs to a specific employee or a team based on an array of options like Job Category, Job Description, Customer Service Location and more. 

Assigning an employee while creating a job

When you first create a new job and input all customer information, you'll find the Assign Employees Section which administers that specific job to your existing team of field service technicians. 

  1. Click the Select Team dropdown and begin to type the name of the team that needs to complete this specific job.
  2. After the team selection, you can either assign one Field Technician or Multiple Field Technicians to perform the job.  
  3. Click on the Show Only Available Users checkbox to view a list of technicians who are available to take the job on the respective scheduled date.

  1. Once the job is saved, you will be able to check whether the job has been assigned to the right field technician under the Assigned Users section.

 Assigning an employee after creating the job

You can assign or replace a Field Technician to a job a while after it was created. You can do this right from the Jobs Module.

  1. Navigate to the Jobs Listing Page by clicking on the 'Jobs' module in the Menu.
  2. Select the job that has an unassigned status and needs to be assigned to a Field Technician.
  3. Open the Job Details Page and click on Update under the Assigned Employees Tab.
       4. You will see a pop-up with a list of teams and their respective Field Technicians.
       5. Click on Assign or Assign All to delegate this job to one or multiple Field Technicians.

Note: Once a job is successfully assigned to a Field Technician, the assigned technician will receive a push notification on his/her mobile app.

Replacing a different technician to the job

Reassigning a job refers to the process of assigning a new field technician to an already existing job. This can happen due to several reasons ranging from unresolved issues and recurring visits to employee leaves.

To assign a different Field Technician to an existing job,

  1. Click on the Jobs Module in the Menu.
  2. Select the job that needs to be updated.
  3. In the Assigned Employees section, Click on the Edit button. 

      4. Select the Unassign label that is right next to the Field Technician's name in the Currently Assigned section. 

5. Once the current Field Technician is successfully unassigned from a job, he/she will receive a push notification on their mobile app informing them of the unassignment.


Note: Adding the users to the team is mandatory to assign them to the jobs.

Filter by Skills in Job Assignment and Notify the Employee

Navigation:  Jobs -->  Job à Filter  --> Filter Skills --> Assign User

Now the back-office team can easily filter the user’s skill set and assign the Job seamlessly. 

1. Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel, and now you can select the Job for which you want to filter the skillset and assign the executive.

2. Select the “Assign Employee” button to filter and assign an employee for the Job.

3. Select the filter icon to choose the relevant filters and use the assign button to assign the executive for the Job.

Filter by Skills – Choose this option to filter the users based on their skills.

Filter by Availability – Choose this option to filter the users based on their availability. 

Note: Marking tick on the small square box - “Notify Employees on Assignment” will send the notification on the job assignment. 

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