How to create a new Job in the V3 Zuper Mobile App?

How to create a new Job in the V3 Zuper Mobile App?

Jobs are a critical part of the field service, as this involves major stage-by-stage job creation to completion of the job, which provides major relief for the end users through on-time Job service. It is the core of all field service operations. In Zuper Mobile App, you can create a new job. 

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the top-left hamburger icon .



2. Click the "+“ button from the bottom-right corner to create a new job.

Note: The + button will be visible based on your access role. Please contact your account administrator if you do not see this icon to get access.


3. Under the "Associate" tab, select the Organization and Customer information required for the Job and select the "Next" button. 

Note: Either Organization or Customer details are mandatory.  
     Note: You can associate the job with multiple modules, such as Assets, Parts, and services. 

4. Select +Add  to add the assets.

 Select the “—Scan  option to scan the QR code to add the Asset. 

5. Select the “Add Products” option to add the products to the Job, and from the new add products page, select the “+” icon.


Price (Mandatory Field) – Enter the product’s price.


Quantity (Mandatory Field) – Enter the quantities required for consumption.


6.  Select the “Add from product group” button to add the product from the created set of product groups.


7. Select “Add Custom Item” to add the product as ad-hoc specific to this job only.


 Select the “Next” button to add the address details.

Note: Adding a custom line item will not add the product to the existing product list, and the custom line item is applicable for the current Job only. 

4. Under the "Address" tab, select the Service and Billing address required for the Job.



5. Select the "Primary Details" tab to choose the job Title, Job Category, and Job Description. "Choose a Priority," which can be Low, Medium, High, or Urgent. Select the "Job Type" options, either New Job or Revisit Job, and select "Next." 

Note: In our case, it is new job creation, so choose the "New Job" option.

6. Select the "Assign myself" option for the Job allocation if you want to assign yourself to the Job. You can add necessary tags under Add Tags section. "Job Due Date / Schedule" to select the due date, start date & time, End date & time, and "Other Details" will help add the custom fields and select "Next."

Note: The "Other Details" tab will be visible only if the custom fields are enabled under the settings. 

Note: Select +Assign Others to assign the other technicians. 

7. Enter the user’s name and search for the user. Choose the user and click the “Update” button.

8. Under the "Summary" tab review all the details and Select the "Create" option to create the work order.

The new job is created successfully. 

By following the above steps, you can now easily create a job. Zuper streamlines job creation and solves your major issues by creating a job, assisted scheduling, and assigning the right technician to complete the job seamlessly. 

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