How to create a Job on the Zuper Mobile app?

How to create a Job on the Zuper Mobile app?

Jobs are the heart of the Zuper Mobile App. It is the core of all field service operations. In Zuper Mobile App, you can create a new job. 

Create a new Job:

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the top-left hamburger icon .

2. Select the "+“ icon from the bottom-right corner to create a new job.

3. Under the "Customer Details" section, select the Organization and Customer information required for the Job.
     Select the "View Customer" option to see the customer details and choose "Next." 

4. Select the required  “Map Job ”  option to choose the property and contract, the "Asset" option to add an asset, and the change address option to select the "Service Address" option and select "Next."

5. Select the "Job Details" option to choose the job Title, Job Category, and Job Description. "Choose a Priority" which can be Low, Medium, High, or Urgent. Select "Job Type" options, either New Job or Revisit Job and select "Next."

6. Select the "Assign myself" option for the Job allocation. You can add necessary tags under Add tags section. "Job Due Date / Schedule" to select the due date, start date & time, End date & time, and "Other Details" will help add the custom fields and select "Next."

7. Select the Parts and Services, and you can view the complete job information using the "Preview" option.

8. Select the "Create Job" option to create the work order.

By following the above steps, you can now easily create a job. 

View Job Statistics and Filter the Jobs:

1. Login to the Zuper Mobile App, and you can view the Job statistics directly. 

2. Select any one of the Jobs, and choose the filter icon to filter the Jobs. 

3. Select the required filter and choose the "Apply" button. 

Job statistics and filter are the key in taking actions for the pending or unscheduled ones. 

Job Time Log:

The Job time log enables the user to know the work hours spent by the field executives on the Job. 

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the top-left hamburger icon .

2.  You can view the Job time log, which will cover actual work hours performed by the field executives. 

Timelog vs Timesheet

The Timelog can be checked from the Jobs module. 

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the top-left hamburger icon .

2. The Job timelog will cover the field executive's overall job time spent (Exact Job working hours). 


Timesheets are used to document an employee’s work hours for auditing purposes. Zuper lets you create a timesheet entry in just a few clicks.

Timesheets will cover day in and day out entry points including breaks and working hours. 

1. Select the "Timesheets" module from the top-left hamburger icon. 

2. Select the timesheet entry of the user whom you want to view the clock in details or clock out details. 

The primary difference between Job Timelog vs Timesheet is

Timelog covers all the details in specific to the time details related to the job. Timesheet covers overall clock in, clock out, break timings

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