How to use the multi-picker option for the job custom reports?

How to use the multi-picker option for the job custom reports?

Now, the user can utilize the multi-picker option to add multiple teams for the job custom reports.

1. Click the "Reports & Analytics" module from the left panel and select "Custom Reports."

2. Fill in the following details, and our new update is "Job Category," and "Team" fields allow multi picker option.

A) Enter the "From Date & Time" and "To Date & Time" details.  

B) Select the "Job Category" from the drop-down list, and the user can select multiple job categories now.

C) Select the "Teams" from the drop-down list, and the user can select multiple team categories now.

D) Select the "Generate Report By" option to schedule the report based on "Created Date" “Scheduled Date.”

Now select "Generate Report" to generate the report. 

Users can now generate a single report by filtering multiple teams and categories based on the new feature's selection. The feature helps the user to prepare more reports efficiently. 

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