How to Reschedule a Job?

How to Reschedule a Job?

Zuper allows you to reschedule the date and time of a job easily. You can do it right on the Jobs Listing Page

  1. Click the Jobs icon from the left panel. 

2. Select the Job Title of that specific job you would like to reschedule. On the Job Details Page, click on the Update button in the 'Job Scheduled At' section. Edit the job date and time to reschedule the job as per your requirement.

    3. You will see the Update Job Schedule dialog. Enter the time newly rescheduled time in the Job Start Time field under the Update Schedule section.
      4. Enter the newly rescheduled time in the Job End Time field. 
      5. The "Reason for Updating Job Status" text box is optional and can be used to specify any additional remarks on why the job is being rescheduled.   
      Once you have filled out all fields, click on the Update button to reschedule the job.

‚ÄčNote: Once a job is rescheduled, it is recorded on the Activity tab with the previous date & time and the new date & time for audit purposes.

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