How to Manage Jobs of an Individual Customer?

How to Manage Jobs of an Individual Customer?

You can view, manage and track jobs initiated by a specific customer collectively in their respective profiles. You can view both completed and ongoing jobs in the Customer Details Page. To access the list of Jobs tied to a customer,
  1. Click on the "Customers" Module in the Menu.
  2. Selecting the Name of a customer will take you to the Customer Details Page.

Note:  You can also narrow down your customer search by using the Filter Option available below the Create New Customer button.
  1. A customer's profile is split into three different panes. 
  2. The left pane shows their profile with their contact information.
  3. The middle pane consists of important sections like Details, Jobs, Notes, Quotes, and Invoices.   
Note: Quotes and Invoices section will be visible only if your organization has enabled the Quotes and Invoices module. 
    4. Click on the Jobs Section in the middle pane to view a historical record of jobs tied to that specific customer.

Note: The total number of jobs for the customer are indicated in the jobs tab.
You can also search for a specific job using the Search Jobs Option which is available under the Jobs Section in the middle pane. This search bar will only find jobs based on their Job Title

Recurring Jobs

  1. In the left pane of the Customer Profile, there are separate sections for Credits & Receivables, Service Contracts, Assets, and Recurrent Job Schedule

2. You can find a list of recurring jobs of your specific customer under the Recurrent Job Schedule section.

3.  You will view a single columned table which lists down information such as Job Title, Job Category, Job Schedule, and Number of Jobs. 


4.  Clicking on the Job Title will take you to the Jobs Listing Page.  

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