How to edit a saved Job checklist?

How to edit a saved Job checklist?

Navigation:  Jobs --> Job Details --> Edit Checklist / View Checklist (Edit icon)
The created checklist is now available for the modifications. The users can now edit the checklist to add/correct the details. In addition, the user can rectify the inaccurate information on the Checklist with the edit option. 

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the left panel and select the job for which you want to edit the checklist.

2. Click on the "Update Job Status" for the selected job.

3. On choosing the status, the checklist associated with the status will appear, and the user can fill in the required information.

4. To confirm the job status, select the "Update" button.

5. The completed status of the job is shown.

6. Select the Vertical Ellipsis   icon and select the "Edit Checklist" option.

7. You can make the necessary changes and select the "Update" button to edit the job checklist.

8. The job checklist is updated successfully.

9. You can also update the checklist from the view checklist option. Select the "View Checklist" option from the job details page.

10. Select the "Edit Checklist" icon  to modify the Checklist.

With this new feature, users no longer need to create a new status update in case of inaccurate/incorrect information in the checklist. Instead, they can use the Edit checklist to update them. 

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