How to manage Employee Labor Charges?

How to manage Employee Labor Charges?

Navigation:  Settings --> Organization Settings -->Employee Settings  - Set “Employee Labor Charges” as “Yes.”
Setting the Labor charge at an organizational level helps the businesses prevent manual entries and saves time. 

1.       Select the “Settings” module from the left panel and select the “Organization Settings” section.

2. Select the “Employee Settings” subsection.

3.      I) Set “Yes” for the “Enable hourly Labor charges.”

   II) Enter the “Default Labor Hour Charges.”

   III) Enter the “Minimum roundoff multiple numbers” in Minutes - Minimum round-off can be set in minutes based on which the minutes will be rounded off the hour. 

Employee Labor Charge:

Navigation:  Employee--> + New Employee
 Navigation:  Employee--> Edit Employee
Based on the pre-defined settings, hourly Labor charges will be populated under the Employees module.

1.       Select the “Employees” module from the left panel and choose the “+ New Employee” option. 


 Enter the following new employee details.

  • Employees Code (Mandatory Field)
    A unique code that can include alphabets and numbers to identify the Users (e.g., Z001).
  • First Name (Mandatory Field)
    The Employees First name.
  • Last Name (Mandatory Field)
    The Employees Last name.
  • Email (Mandatory Field): 
    The Employees Email address would be used to access the Zuper account.
  • Designation (Mandatory Field)
    The Employees designation as per the organization.
  • Choose Role (Mandatory Field)
    The Employees Role that as per the organization. (Admin, Team Leader, Field Executive)

Note: Customer Roles as per your requirement can also be created.

Choose Access Role: 

  • The Employees Access Role as per the organization.
  • External Login ID: 
    The Employees external login ID.
  • Password: The password that would be used to access the organization account.
  • Confirm Password: 
    Confirmation of the password.

 Hourly Labor Charges – The pre-defined hourly Labor charges for the whole organization are shown here | This is the new feature added in this update.

 Home Number: 

  • The Employees home number. 
  • Mobile Number: 
    The Employees mobile number.
  • Work Number: 
    The Employees official contact number.

 Note: The Employee's location during work hours can be tracked by selecting yes in the "Track Location" column.

  • Use the “Employee Skills” section to add the employees' skills.
  • Use the “Work Hours” section to add the Employees’ working hours.

Select “Save Employee” to save the new employee details. 

Edit Employee:

Now you can edit the existing Employee’s details.

Navigation:  Employee --> Edit Employee

1. Select the edit option  to modify the existing Employee’s details.

2. Modify the necessary details, mainly this month’s “Hourly Labor Charge” feature, and click the “Save Employee” button.

3. Select the “Update” button to modify the Employee details.

By following the above steps, You can modify the charges per your Employee’s requirements. The Labor charge details are critical for the business to automate the payout process. With the new field to capture the Labor details, a business can efficiently complete the Labor payments. 

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