How to manage Employee's Schedule?

How to manage Employee's Schedule?

To view and reschedule the jobs based on the employee, the user can use the Employee Schedule.

1. Select the "Schedule" icon from the panel. To access the Employee Schedule, click on "Dispatch Board." 

2. Drag and drop the existing job  card to  modify the dispatch board and 


We can customize the schedule views using the "Filter Schedule" icon in the top right corner. 

Filter By Customer: Entering a customer's name in this filter will show only the jobs scheduled for that customer.

Filter By Job Category: Selecting a job category from this drop-down will show only the jobs from the selected category.

Filter By Role: Selecting a role from the drop-down will show only the team employees that hold the selected role.


Note: The user can use the "Reset Filter" button to clean the filters and view all the jobs. By default, the jobs are highlighted by status.

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