How to create & manage skillset master?

How to create & manage skillset master?

Skillset Master

Using the “Skillset Master” option, it is now easy to create and manage skillset easily by defining the person’s skillset requirements for the Job.  

Skillset Validity Duration:

Pre-req: Settings -->  Other Settings --> Skillsets  --> Skill Master --> + New Skill / Edit Skill
Navigation: Employees -->  New Employee --> Assign Skills


Using the latest update, the user can add the skill name, skill description, and validity along with the skill name and description. While assigning the Skill to an employee, you can enter the “valid from” and “valid till” details and the skillset level. 

1.  Select the “Settings” module from the left panel, and under the “Other Settings” option, choose the Skillsets.

2. Under the “Menu,” select “Skills Master” and choose “+ New Skill.”

3. The “Create New Skill” dialog box opens, and you can enter the following details.

a.      Skill Name – The unique name identifying the Skill.

b.      Skill Validity – The validity period of the Skill.

c.      Skill Description – The description of the Skill.

    Select the “Save Skill” option to add the new Skill. 

4. The new Skill is added successfully.

Add New Employee’s Skills:

1.  Select the “Employees” module from the left panel and choose the “+New Employee” option.

2. Fill in the necessary details and select the “+ Add Skill” option

3. The “Assign Skill” dialog box opens, add the key details.

a.      Select Skill  - Select the pre-defined Skill.

b.      Skillset Level – Enter the skillset %.

c.      Valid From – Enter the skill validity start date.

d.      Valid To – Enter the skill validity end date.

Select the “Assign Skill” option to create a new skill. 

4. Select the “Save Employee” option to save the details.

5. The new employee details are successfully created.

Skillset Job Configuration:

1. Select the "Settings" icon from the left panel, and choose the Job Category - drop-down box. Now you canchoose to edit or delete the “Skills Job Configuration,” All you must do is tap on the “Actions” section.

2. If you want to add a new Skills Job Configuration, tap on the “+Map New Skill” section and add the necessary details. 

The businesses can add the validity and set the skillset %, which helps maintain the Employee’s details. 

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