How to add a new customer payment card on file?

How to add a new customer payment card on file?

The payment methods got an enhancement. With the Customer Credit Card on the file, your back-office users can securely save the customer card details within the customer profile section. 

Note: The user should set the "Allow Card on File" option as "Yes" to enable this feature. 

Note: Your Customer card information is not stored by Zuper and is transferred to your connected payment provider over an encrypted connection. 
1. Select the “Customers” module from the left panel and tap on the “Customer Name.

3. Now select the “+ Payment Method” option.

4. Fill in the necessary card details: 1. Card details 2. Full Name 3. MM/YYYY 4. CVC.

Using this feature of saving the card, the user can quickly checkout and perform hassle-free transactions securely. 

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