How to create a new Job in the V2 Zuper Web App?

How to create a new Job in the V2 Zuper Web App?

Our new feature allows you to create customized jobs for specific organizations or customers, ensuring that business-to-business related work orders are efficiently created with all the necessary details and properties. This feature is especially useful for businesses that work with a large number of clients or customers and need to track and manage a wide range of assets or properties.

Pre-requisites: Either the Organization or Customer Name is mandatory for the Job creation.

Navigation: Jobs --> + Create New Job (Select Organization or Customer)

1. Select the Jobs module from the left panel and click +Create New Job.”

2. Fill in the four tabs one by one.

Under the “Customer Details” tab, select the “Choose Organization” option. 

3. From the pop-up that appears, choose the required active “Organization” and click on the “Select Organization” button.

4. Now click “Choose Property.

5. From the pop-up that appears, choose the required active “Property” mapped with the Organization and click on the “Select Property” button.

6. Select the “Service and Billing” contact information.

Assisted Scheduling

7. Fill in the necessary details under the “Job Details” tab and click the “Use Assisted Scheduling” button.

8. 4. i) Select the "Choose View" option to select the – Slot View.

   ii) Select the "Choose Date" option to fix the scheduled date for the job.

   iii) Select the "Choose Team" option to select the team.

   iv) Select the "Choose a Slot" option to select the time for the job. 

Select the required skill and service territory.

Our new feature allows you to consider user shifts reflecting the exact live results while choosing the slot or resource views.


Click the “Use This Schedule” button for the exact date and time. 

9. Scroll down the Job Details Page to add various required products under the “Parts / Service Details” section and select the +Add from Group. option.

10.  Our new feature helps you to add the various parts and services; when we add another group, if there are parts in the group which are already added, it will not create a new line item; instead, only the quantity will get increased

Select the required group from the pop-up that appears, and choose the “Add Product” button.

11. Scroll down to view the “Job Attachments” section.  

Click the “+ Upload Attachment” button to add the Job-related attachments.
12. The “Add Attachment” pop-up appears. 
Attachment Name – Enter the name of the attachment. 
Upload Attachment – Click the “Choose File” button to upload the attachments. 

13. The job attachments were added successfully.

You can view the attachment or delete the attachment after the attachment is added.

14. Choose the required users under the “Assign Employees” tab.

15. View the filled Job details from the “Preview and Save.”

Now click “Save Job” to create the new Job. 

16. The new job is created successfully.

In business-to-business scenarios, it is now possible to create jobs using just the organization or customer information. This simplifies the process and allows businesses to efficiently map the properties or assets of their B2B customers. This streamlines the process and helps your business run more smoothly and effectively.

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