How to integrate and use Mailchimp with Zuper?

How to integrate and use Mailchimp with Zuper?

The Mailchimp Integration with Zuper enables users to automatically build a customer mailing list in Mailchimp using the customer information recorded in the Zuper platform. This helps users to use Mailchimp to execute marketing campaigns for their customers. 

How to connect your Mailchimp with Zuper? 

Get your API keys from Stripe App and Zuper app.

1. Open a new tab in your browser once you are logged in to your Zuper Account.

Click on your Profile Picture on the top right corner of the screen & click on “App Store.

2. Under the “Browse by Category,” select the “Marketing” option and choose “Mailchimp.”

3. Click on the “Install Mailchimp” button.

Note: Please keep Zuper and Mailchimp tabs open. You can switch between the tabs for the integration. 

4. i) Switch to the Mailchimp tab on your browser and Login to your Mailchimp account.

Navigation: User --> Account & Billing --> Extras  --> API Keys --> Your API Keys

Click on the profile picture from the bottom left, and from “Account & billing,” select “Extras” to copy the API Keys.

ii) From the following Mailchimp path, copy the Audience ID:

Navigation: Audience --> Settings --> Audience ID

Click on the Audience, and from “Settings,” copy “Audience ID.”

iii)     From your browser URL, copy the server prefix details: (Given here as a sample); the us87 part is the server prefix.

        Copy the “us87” prefix. 

5. Now use all the copied information from the above steps: i) Mailchimp API Key, ii) Audience List, iii) Server Prefix under “Update Mailchimp Settings.”

Update Mail Settings by configuring the following fields

        a. Mailchimp API Key (Mandatory Field) – You will get the Mailchimp API key from step 4 (i). Enter the same here.

        b. Audience List (Mandatory Field) – You will get the Audience List from step 4 (ii). Enter the same here.

        c. Server Prefix (Mandatory Field) – You will get the server prefix from step 4 (iii). Enter the same here.

       d.  Zuper API Key (Mandatory Field)– Enter the Zuper API key (Click here: How to generate Zuper API Key).

Select the “Update” button to complete the integration of Zuper with Mailchimp. 

How does Zuper – Mailchimp Integration work?


Whenever new customers are created with Zuper or edited in Zuper, the customer information is termed as audience in Mailchimp.

Navigation: Customer --> New Customer / Edit Customer
Note: Audience Email ID is the mandatory field in Mailchimp. If you forgot to add it in the initial stage of customer creation in Zuper, it needs to be updated. If the email ID is edited, a new audience (an assumed new customer) will be created instead of updating the current audience. 

2. Now switch to Mailchimp tab. The audience details are shown under the “Manage Contacts” section.
     You can view the newly created Customer from Zuper pushed as an “Audience” in Mailchimp. 

2. Click on the email address to view the key details of the audience under the “Profile Information.

For marketing campaigns, email IDs and customer details are essential. With the uni-directional Zuper to Mailchimp data flow, you can add your audience list to Mailchimp. The database will sync and get automatically updated every time new customers are created on Zuper. 

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