How to integrate and use Google Calendar with Zuper?

How to integrate and use Google Calendar with Zuper?

With our Zuper-Google Calendar integration, the user can install the Google Calendar from our Zuper store. Then, post-installation, whenever the jobs are created and scheduled for a particular date, this vital job information will be created and synced as an event from the Zuper on the Google calendar for the customers and field executives. 

Pre-Requisites: API Keys

1. Select the “Settings” module from the left panel.

2. Click on “Account Settings” under “General Settings.”

3. Now select “API Keys” and click on “+ New API Key.”

4. Type API Key name as “Zuper Calendar” and click on the “Create” button.

5. Copy the API key displayed.

Zuper-Google Calendar Integration:

Go to a new tab and log in to your Zuper account. Next, click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page, which will open the list of options.

1. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page to open the list of options. Next, click on the “App Store” link.

2. You will be redirected to the “App Store.” Click on “Calendar” under “Browse by Category” on your left and click on “Google Calendar.”

3.  Click on the “Install Google Calendar” button.

4.  Enter the “Email ID”  and click on “Next.

5. Mark a check on the tiny “Square box”  to proceed with the access and click on the “Continue” button.

6. Fill in the mandatory field details below to “Update Google Calendar Settings.”

                        i.        Zuper API Key – The copied Zuper API Key.

                     ii.        Calendar Name – Enter the Calendar Name for sync.

                    iii.        Use Default Calendar Reminders – Choose the option “Yes.

                   iv.        Send Invite to all Assigned Users – Choose the option “Yes.

                    v.        Send Invite to Customers – Choose the option “Yes.

Select the “Update” button to start the synchronization between Zuper and Google Calendar, and if you need any assistance, tap on the “Need Support” option. 

7. Based on the settings saved, the Job details get synced on the Google Calendar as an event.

Follow these steps to get your Google Calendar ID:
1. Go to your Google Calendars.
2. In the Google Calendar interface, locate the "My calendars" area on the left.
3. Hover over the calendar you need and click the downward arrow.
4. A menu will appear. Click "Settings & Sharing".

5. Scroll down to the next page and under the “Integrate calendar” section find the "Calendar ID."

Note: Please ensure the Google Account you have to connect during the installation is the same as the calendar to which you are connecting.

The job data flow happens from Zuper to Google Calendar as one-directional. Thus, with the Zuper – Google Calendar integration, the user can easily schedule the events of the job updates.  

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