How to integrate and use FieldNation with Zuper?

How to integrate and use FieldNation with Zuper?

FieldNation is an on-demand field workforce platform that connects businesses with skilled technicians.

The user can push their work order details from Zuper to FieldNation, but any status updates & other updates are pushed to Zuper from FieldNation. All the job-related information gets synced in both FieldNation and Zuper. 


1. Once you are logged in to your Zuper Account, click on your Profile Picture on the top right corner of the screen & click on “App Store.”

2. Select the Private apps option and choose “FieldNation.” select the “Install App” button.

3. Fill in the following fields to connect Zuper and Fieldnation.

       i)    Zuper API Key - Enter the Zuper’s API Key. (You can generate your Zuper API key by going to your Zuper account, go to Settings -> Account  Settings -> API Key).

ii)      Environment – Enter the Zuper’s Environment name.

iii)     Field Nation User Name – Enter the user name of the Field Nation.

iv)     Field Nation Password – Enter the password of the Field Nation.

v)       Field Nation Webhook Secret Token – Enter the webhook secret token of the Field Nation.

vi)     Work Order Creation Status  - Enter the status of the work order.

vii)     Category Mapping – Map the category of the Field Nation with Zuper, separated by the “Semi-Colon” ;

Select the “Update” button to integrate Zuper with the Field Nation.

Zuper - FieldNation Integration:

 Sync Work orders from the Zuper to FieldNation::
1. The type of work and the payment details are updated in the Zuper and synced with the FieldNation based on the category mapping.

2. The schedule details and attachments on FieldNation are updated on Zuper.

3. FieldNation job details can be tracked from Zuper in a single click. Under Zuper’s Jobs module. Below the “Other Details” section, you can refer to the FieldNation ID and choose the “Open Link” option to check FieldNation’s work order.

The business can easily ensure that work order gets updated on Zuper in sync with FieldNation. In addition, with the bi-directional data flow, job details get updated on both apps (FieldNation & Zuper). 

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