Types of Calendar Views

Types of Calendar Views

The User can use Calendar to view and reschedule the jobs based on the date. To access the same, click on the "Schedule" tab from the menu bar on the left. The job Schedule tab will open.

Below are the two views for the Calendar,

Note: Job Card will be of different colors according to the job Status type. 

 -> Month View:

The "Month" view displays all jobs scheduled throughout the month overlaid on the calendar. It shows the current month by default. We can use the arrow keys to toggle to different months.

-> Week View:

The "Week" view displays all jobs scheduled in a week displayed on the calendar. It shows the current Week by default. We can use the arrow keys to toggle to different weeks.

Filtering and customizing the Calendar View 

Clicking on the job card will launch a popup with the key Job details. Next, click on "View Details" from the popup to take you to the job page.

Each date will show the count of the jobs on each date. If there are many jobs on a day, a "+ View More" will open the list of jobs scheduled on that day in a dialog.


We can customize the calendar views using the "Filter Schedule" icon in the top right corner. 

The user can use the "Filter By Job Category" and the "Filter By Team" fields to view only the jobs scheduled in the selected category and the selected team. 

The "Highlight Jobs By" option will highlight the jobs of the selected category in the same color. 

The "By Status," the "By Team," and the "By Category" will essentially color code the job cards based on the color configured for respective status, team, and category in the Settings page. The "By Priority" will highlight all the jobs of the same priority to one color as a) Urgent - Red Color b) High - Amber color c) Medium - Blue Color d) Low - Green Color.

Note: The user can use the "Reset Filter" button to clear the filters and view all the jobs. By default, based on the status, the jobs are highlighted. 

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