Is it possible to swap field executives between teams?

Is it possible to swap field executives between teams?

In Zuper, the user can easily swap the team leader and field executives between teams. The Admin has full access to change all employees (team leader or field executives) from all the teams. At the same time, the team leader has limited access and can swap field executives only under their team.
  1. Log in to Zuper Account.
  2. Select the "Employees" icon from the Menu bar on the left.
  3. Find the team you need to edit and click on the "Manage Teams" button(...) in the right corner. 

 4. From the dropdown, select "Update team Assignment."

   5. Now, in the "Assign/Unassign Team Member" window, the employees would be sorted based on the designation (Admin, Team Leader, Field Executive).

   6. Click on "Assign" next to the Employee you would like to add Under the Available Users column

   7. Click on “Unassign” next to the employee you would like to remove. Under the assigned employees, the person will be removed.

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