How to void / rollback a payment transaction of Invoices?

How to void / rollback a payment transaction of Invoices?

Navigation:  Accounting -->  Invoices --> Payment History --> Void Transaction
The invoices that have the payment transaction already successful but got the payment twice or failed transaction that takes more time and the transactions can be set void.

1. Under the “Accountingmodule, choose the “Invoices” module from the left panel and select the “Invoice” for which you want to void the transaction.

2.  Under the “Payment History” section from the bottom right, select the “Void Transaction” option to vacate the transaction already carried out.

3.  Press “Yesto confirm the void transaction. (The refund should be processed manually).

Note: The payment transactions can be void from the “Payments” module. 

The transactions are easily set void from the back office for failed transactions or payment transactions where the double charges happened. 

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