How to View and Re-schedule jobs from the Schedule page?

How to View and Re-schedule jobs from the Schedule page?

To view and reschedule the jobs with a calendar view user can use the Schedule tab. Would you please follow the below instructions for the same,

  1. Click on the "Schedule" tab from the menu bar on the left. The job Schedule tab will open.
  2. The number of jobs scheduled on a particular day is shown in the top right corner, and the jobs are listed below in cards.
  3. To reschedule the job, you can drag the job card to a different date. 
  4. You can also click on the job card to view the job in detail.


  • Once a job is dragged and rescheduled, an activity for the same would be created in the jobs "Activities" tab.
  • Only the jobs that have not started can be dragged and rescheduled. Jobs that have already Started or been completed cannot be dragged and rescheduled from the calendar.


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