How to use the Scan shortcut on the Zuper Mobile App?

How to use the Scan shortcut on the Zuper Mobile App?

The scan shortcut helps you update the inventory details or view the product details. The scan and view of the product details save time for you instead of navigating each screen. 

1. After login into the Zuper Mobile Pro App, Select the “Scan” shortcut from the home page.

2. Align the barcode fit in the frame to get the details.

3. Select the required actions based on the scan mode for the asset.

4. The asset details will be displayed as follows:

Asset Code

The unique code identifies the asset.

Owned by

The asset owner who holds the asset. These can be Customer-owned assets or company-owned assets.

Purchase Date

The date of purchase of the asset.

Placed in Service

The date on which asset is placed in service.

Warranty Expiry Date

The date on which the warranty expires.

Useful Life

The lifetime of the product.

5. Select the required actions based on the scan mode for the parts:

6. Enter the inward transaction option to update the inventory:

Inward Product Location

(Mandatory Field)


Select the required inward product location.


Select the number of products received.


The additional comments, if any.

Serial Number

The list of serial numbers associated with the inward product.

Select the “Create” option to start the inward transaction option. 

By following the above steps using the scan shortcut, you can update the inventory details or view the product details and save time without manual navigation. 

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