How to use the offline capability in Zuper Mobile App?

How to use the offline capability in Zuper Mobile App?

What is offline capability?

When Zuper mobile app is connected to the Internet, it regularly synchronizes your data with the Zuper backend services to ensure data is updated. If the app goes offline, users see a notification inside the app that data was loaded from offline.

Any changes made while the app is offline are added to the pending uploads queue inside the Settings page in the order they occur. The queue shows the status of attempts to upload changes to the Zuper backend servers. To view the queue, go to the in-app settings page

How to turn on offline capability?

The customer has to request Zuper team to enable the offline feature for their account. Zuper team can enable offline feature for the company from the Internal Admin portal
Once the offline feature has been enabled, the users of that company can find the offline settings under the "configuration" section in the in-app settings page. Users who require the offline mode can enable this in their accounts

Once offline is enabled and the required data is downloaded, the app will show status as "Ready for offline usage"

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