Zuper-RingCentral Integration

How to use RingCentral Integration with Zuper?

With the RingCentral integration, the end customers sitting in the back office can connect their cloud telephone to answer incoming and outgoing calls and receive and send SMS directly from the Zuper web app. 

Note: The RingCentral widget does not get impacted or refreshed when you navigate to other pages in Zuper. 

      1. Go to Zuper Dashboard, and You can log in to RingCentral by clicking on the “Sign inoption present on the right bottom popup widget. 

2. Log in and authorize your account to integrate the Zuper with RingCentral.

3. Choose the number from your available RingCentral numbers in your account. 

     4. You efficiently use the “RingCentral” dial pad to make outgoing calls to your customers. 

5. Once you are getting an incoming call, Zuper will automatically check if the customer exists for the phone number and will take you to the customer details page if the customer is found in your customer database.

6. Based on the customer’s request during the call, the user can create a “New Quote” or “New Job.”

7. You can send messages easily with a single click. Type the message and click on the “Send” button.

 To enable RingCentral integration on your account, kindly contact our Support Team at support@zuper.co .                 

With the cloud-based integration of Zuper - RingCentral, the back office customer team efficiently solves customer queries with messages, makes outgoing calls, and attends incoming calls. 
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