How to Use Job Reports?

How to Use Job Reports?

Job Reports help you analyze the performance of your field team. It slices and dices through your data and turns it into meaningful insights.  

Using Job Reports

  • Select the "Reports" module in the Menu.
  • Pick a report you want to use from the Job Reports section.
  • You can generate the report for any specific interval of time by filling out the "From" and "To" dates in the Zuper Web-App.
  • Once you fill out required fields, click on "Generate Report" to download your report. 

Reports generally include the Job details such as the Title, Category, Priority, Type, Scheduled Start Time, Scheduled End Time, Assigned To, Current Status, and also the Customer details such as Customer Name, Phone, Address, and so on.

 Below are the different Job reports that can be extracted.

Jobs Master Report

Job Master Report is used to extract and understand the overall status of a particular/all Job Categories as per need.

Jobs Status Report

Job Status Report helps us to view the Jobs by their status to have a track of them. Each status will be in a separate sheet in Excel.

> Status Summary Report

Status Summary Report will provide us the count of Jobs in each status by its categories for any particular interval of time.

> Status History Report

Status History Report helps in tracking all the previous updates and status of the job with dates and times. Each Job Category will be on a separate sheet.

> Job Deviation Report

Job Deviation Report helps to keep a track of the actual start time, the end time, and the duration of all the jobs and helps to compare with the scheduled start time, the end time, and the duration.


> Job Notes

Job Notes shows us the notes related to each job, the type of note, and the attachments if any. It may be a text or an image.

> Average Duration / Category Report 

Average Duration / Category Report provides details about the number of jobs available and the average duration that will be taken to complete the job for all the Job Categories for any particular time period.


> Jobs by Team Report 

The Jobs by Team Report helps us to view the details of the entire job for all the teams individually. That is, the report has all the job details for the different teams are generated in separate sheets but in the same report file. 

> Jobs Activity Report

Jobs Activity Report provides time to time details about all the activities performed by the field executives on the job. 

> Product Summary Report

Product Summary Report will provide details of the products that have been sold and used in maintenance services under every Job Category that includes Product ID, Name, Price, and Quantity.


> Product Details Report

Product Details Report will give precise details of the products purchased by every customer in all Job Categories including the Product ID, Name, Price, and Quantity.


> Customer Job Cohort Report

Customer Job Cohort Report gives in detail about jobs that have similar work patterns.


> Customer Feedback Report

Customer Feedback Report provides details about the feedback given by the customers for the service provided to them. This report includes information such as Job Details, Customer Details, Ratings, and Feedback.

> Jobs Checklist Report

Jobs Checklist Report gives the details on the checklist of all the jobs in different categories based on the status of the job.

> Jobs by Employee Report

Jobs by Employee Report provides details on the total number of jobs of every employee with everyday count for any particular time period.

> Recurring Jobs Report

Recurring Jobs Report gives information on the jobs that have been set to repeat. This includes details on Job Title, Category, Customer Details, Repeat Start and End Time, Duration, Frequency, and so on.

> Route Summary Report

Route Summary Report provides details on the total number of jobs that are available on every different route. It includes Route Name, Total Jobs, Distance, Travel Time, and so on.


> Route Details Report

Route Details Report gives details about the jobs according to the category of the route.


> Route Insights Report

Route insights Report details the key insights on the Job route and its status. 


> Job Service Tasks Reports
Job Service Tasks Report details the entire service tasks of the Jobs Module. 

Team & Category Filter in all Job Reports

Navigation:  Reports -->  Job Reports --> (All Job Reports)

Now all Job reports have two new critical filters to enable users to generate more detailed reports:

Select the “Reports” module from the left panel, and now you can select any one of the job reports to apply the filter. 

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