How to use Employee & Team Reports?

How to use Employee & Team Reports?

Employee & Team Reports help you with the complete details about all the employees and the different teams. 

The Module can be accessed by following the below steps :

  • First, log in to your Zuper Account.
  • Next, select the "Reports" icon from the Menu bar on the left side.
  • Then, scroll down to access the Employee & Team Reports tab.
  • Select the type of Report needed from the options. The Report can be generated for any specific time interval by entering the "From" and "To" dates in the Zuper Application.
  • After entering the required details, click on "Generate Report" to download the Excel spreadsheet. 

 Below are the different reports that can be extracted.

> Employee Master Report

Employee Master Report provides details of the employees created in the Zuper App. The data includes personal information such as the Employee's First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and professional details such as the Employee Code, Active Status, Role, Team, and so on.

> Timesheet Master Report

The timesheet Master Report provides the employees' time to time activity details from when they punch in, take a break, resume work, and punch out for any particular period. This includes Employee's First and Last Name, Email, Designation, Type of activity, Time of activity, and Location.

 > Employee Timecard Report

Employee Timecard Report details everyday work activities such as check-in, check out, work, and break time.

> Scheduled Timecard Report
The schedule employee timesheet covers all the timesheet related information of the users.

 > Time-Off Report
Time-Off Report shows the details of all the leave requests that the employees have placed with their approval statuses.

 > Employee Feedback Report
Employee Feedback Report provides day-to-day feedback from every employee about their workday.

> Timesheet Activity by Team Report 
Timesheet Activity by Team Report gives information about the day-to-day work activities of employees based on their teams.
> Employee Skillset Report

You can generate and download the report based on the Employee’s skillset.

 If you are having any issues, please write an email to  and one of the agents from the support team will get in touch with you.

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