How to set up regional and city taxes?

How to set up regional and city taxes?

Users from the US region can now easily set the tax percentage for the states/provinces.

A.     Pre-Setup

B.      Quotation


1.        Select the “Settings” module from the left panel and tap on the “Quotes & Invoices” under “Configuration Settings.”

   2. Select "+ New Tax" under "Tax Settings."
3. Fill in the necessary details: “Tax Name,” “Tax Rate %,” “Is Local Tax,” “Applicable To,” and tap on the “Save Tax.”


1.        Select the “Quotations” module from the left panel and tap on the “+ New Quote.”                                           

2.   Tap “+ Add Item” details to add the necessary parts and services, and tax details are computed based on the pre-defined settings.


           Capturing the taxes in the pre-settings helps for the hassle-free tax update on the quotation module.  

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