How to Rollback a Job Status?

How to Rollback a Job Status?

A status rollback can be done to undo a particular status update and restore the job to its previous status. Status Rollbacks can be performed only by Administrators or Supervisors, Field Technicians don't have access to perform a status rollback.

Rolling Back a Job Status

To rollback a job status, navigate to the Job Details Page.

  1. Click on the "Jobs" Module in the Menu.
  2. In the Jobs Listing Page, select the specific job in which you would like to rollback a job status. 

  • The Job Details Page has three different panes. The left pane has the Job Status Timeline which shows updates of the job.
  • To perform a rollback, click the Rollback button on the latest status update.

  • In the Rollback Job Status popup window, fill in the reason for Rollback and confirm your choice by pressing "Rollback" icon. 

  • All successful Status Rollbacks will be recorded in the Activity tab.




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