How to Print or Share Job Details?

How to Print or Share Job Details?

You can print and share your job details aka work orders whenever you need to share a copy of your job details version with your customers.  

Printing a job card 

  1. Go to the Jobs Listing Page by selecting the 'Jobsicon in the Menu. 

    2. Locate the specific job that requires a printed work order. 

    3. Once the Job Details Page opens, click the “Print or Share” dropdown and select Print/Save as PDF. 


  4. You can see the Print/Save Job Card dialog which prompts you to choose a Job Template. 


 5. Select the Job Template and click Print to get a hard copy of your desired work order. 


Note: If you don't see any Job Templates listed on this dropdown, please contact your Administrator or Super User to set up a job template

   Sharing a job card 

  1. Go to the Jobs Listing Page by selecting the 'Jobs' Module in the Menu. 

     2. Locate the specific job that you would like to share. 

     3. Once the Job Details Page opens, select Share via Email from the Print/Share dropdown. 

     4. You can see the Share Job Card dialog, which prompts you to confirm the Job TemplateEmail Address, and Email Body before you can share the work order. 

      5. The Email Address field will auto-populate your customer's email address by default. However, being an editable text box, you can choose to change it if required. 

     6. Click on Share to send a copy of your service report to your customer's email address which is auto-filled based on their account information. 

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