How to manage job-level time logs using the Zuper Web App?

How to manage job-level time logs using the Zuper Web App?

Now users can clock in and out of a job with ease. They can also track the total time on a particular job, and the same can be used to invoice the customer. 

Navigation:  Jobs -->Job Details --> Employees Timelog
The total work minutes for the job are recorded under the time log as minutes, and this helps the business know the accurate time spent on the job, Clock-in, and Clock-out hours of the field executives. 

Pre-Requisites - Enable a time log for the job:
Navigation: Settings --> Organization Settings --> Job Settings
1. Select the “Settings” module from the left panel.

2. Select the “Job Settings” under “Organization Settings” and choose the “Yes” for the “Enable Time log for Job” option.

3. Select the “Save Settings” button to confirm the changes made.

Now, as you have enabled the option, you can view the job time log from the Zuper web app.

Job Time log:

1.  Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel.

2.  Select the job you want to view the time log.

3. Select the “Employees Time log” option and select the “View” option.

 4. The following details will be shown on the pop-up:

Logged Minutes

The total job minutes logged by the field executive.


Either “Clock-in” or “Clock-out” by the field executive is displayed.

Logged Time

The clock-in and out entry and the exit of the day and time of employees are displayed.


The entry location and exit location of the field executive are displayed.

With the job level time log, businesses can now capture the accurate time spent on the job, making it easier to invoice the customer on labor hour charges, etc. 

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