How to integrate and use Clyr with Zuper?

How to integrate and use Clyr with Zuper?


The Zuper-Clyr integration enables you to automate expense management. Track your expenses by adding your credit card details on Clyr.
Sync Jobs from Zuper as Projects on Clyr. 
Associate expenses to Projects on Clyr. Track your expenses as Parts & Services in Jobs on Zuper. 
Sync Customers on Zuper as Clients on Clyr. 
Sync Users from Zuper to Clyr. 

Note: To integrate Clyr with Zuper, please reach out to at (1-888-718-7858) or email

How to integrate Clyr with Zuper?

1. On Zuper, select the “Jobs” module from the left navigation menu and create a new job by filling in the necessary details. 

2. The new job is created successfully.

3. On Clyr, click on Projects in the left navigation menu.

Choose the Zuper Job that is captured as a project.

4. Select the Transactions module and choose the exact transaction for which the project needs to be assigned.

5. Choose the project and map this to the transaction.

6. The transaction is mapped to the project successfully.

9. Switch to Zuper. You can view the transactions under the parts and services section in the job.

Note: Users on Zuper are synced as users on Clyr. The customers on Zuper are synced as clients on Clyr.

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