How to integrate and use Avalara with Zuper?

How to integrate and use Avalara with Zuper?


Avalara AvaTax is a cloud-based solution that automates transaction tax calculations and the tax filing process. Avalara provides real-time tax calculation using tax content from more than 12,000 US taxing jurisdictions and over 200 countries, ensuring your transaction tax is calculated based on the most current tax rules.

Most businesses will suffer due to manual tax calculations to avoid manual intervention; AvaTax is the solution to solve the problem. With the new integration with Avalara, Zuper now handles your final calculations automatically and retrieves the accurate tax rates and exemption reasons for all your transactions.


   1.  Avalara integration is only available for organizations in the U.S.

   2. Make sure you have an active Avalara account.

How to Connect AvaTax?

To enable this integration, you need to contact Zuper’s support team: email:

After the configuration, kindly follow the steps:

      1. Go to [Settings] --> Configuration Settings --> Quotes and Invoices -->Taxes.

2. Click Use Avalara on the Taxes configuration page.
3. Enter your Avalara AvaTax Credentials:

·       Account Number: Provided during your AvaTax account activation process.

·       License Key: Provided during your AvaTax account activation process

·       Company Code/ID: Company profile identifier in the AvaTax Admin Console.

·      Environment: Connect to the Sandbox or Live AvaTax services.

Note: From Zuper’s sandbox you can only connect to Avalara’s Sandbox account.

·     Commit Documents: Enable tax document submission to Avalara’s AvaTax service for record keeping. With this setting enabled, transactions will be posted and committed to the AvaTax Admin Console.


If this setting is disabled, then the sales tax will be retrieved from Avalara, but documents will be recorded in Avalara for compliance reporting.
4. Click the “Continue” button.

5. The “Avalara Connection” pop-up lets you choose the “From Address”.

 Kindly choose the exact address from the “Pick from Map” button. 

Click the “Submit” button to complete the settings. 

Note: When you setup our Zuper integration, your address, country and Avalara AvaTax credentials will be shared with Avalara AvaTax.


1. Choose the “Customers” module from the left navigation menu. Click “+ New Customer.”

2. Click a customer record to enter the customer details. 

3. Ensure that you add the valid address in service and billing address from the address picker to avoid errors. These geolocation details will be passed to Avalara to fetch the tax details.

4.If your customer is tax-exempt, you can mark them as tax-exempt and select the entity code or exemption Number.

 a. If you're working with a customer exempt from sales tax, such as a religious or charitable organization representative, simply select or add the appropriate entity code from the list corresponding to their exemption status.

 b. Otherwise, the exemption number (If there is an exemption certificate issued by the government) will suffice to exempt the customer from all tax calculations in Zuper.
5. Click "Save."

Parts and Services:

1. Choose the Parts and Services from the left navigation menu. 

2. Click any one of the Products to open the Product details screen.

3. Click More Actions  Edit Parts/Services. 

4. Enter the applicable AvaTax System Tax Code in the [Tax Code] field on the Product details screen.

5. Click Save. 

6. To see a listing of all available AvaTax System tax codes, click (

7. Once a tax code is associated, Avalara will combine this and the customer's address to determine the item's taxability status (tax exempt, partially or fully taxable) in your customer’s location.

Note: You can add/edit the tax code for an item from the tax code field in the item line while creating a new transaction.

Transactions (Quotes and Invoices)

Whenever you create a Quote or Invoice, Avalara does the following

1. Identifies the tax applicability of the entered parts and services in the customer's geographic area.

2. Assesses the taxable applicability of the customer.

3. Retrieves accurate tax rates for the transaction by aligning with the appropriate governing authority in that locality.

1. Select the “Quotes” icon from the left panel and choose “+ New Quote” to create a new quote.

2. Fill in the required details.

3. If you want to add any discounts or fees, use the settings → Configuration Settings → Parts and Services -> Discount and Fees, or you can apply the discount directly to the parts and services.

4. The tax will be calculated and updated by Avalara only after you save the Quote as draft. So, you may not be able to see the tax amount immediately.

5. Here’s how the quote looks like with the taxes fetched and calculated.

Note: The tax will be applied on the address (Billing/ service) according to the setting that you have mentioned in the Organization settings --> Misc settings --> Tax settings.


1.      If you apply a discount at the transaction level the discount will be applied proportionately to all the items in a transaction.

2.      If you apply discount at the Line-item level and then it will be applied to the line items with the value entered.


1.      In case there are errors returned from Avalara it will be displayed in the transaction and in the details page.

Disabling Avalara Transaction

1. Go to [Settings] -> Configuration Settings -> Quotes and Invoices -> Taxes
2.  Select the deactivate option and confirm.

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