How to explore the Job details page in the V3 Zuper Mobile and perform edit actions?

How to explore the Job details page in the V3 Zuper Mobile and perform edit actions?

From the Job details page, you can modify the jobs, add/modify the notes, add messages, and delete the job. 

Note: The Edit  button will be visible based on your access role. Please contact your account administrator if you do not see this icon to get access.

Edit Job:

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the top-left hamburger icon   .


2. Select the job for which you want to view the details.


3. You can edit the job title and priority using the edit option. 


1. Job Title – Modify the Job title.

2. Job Priority – Modify the priority. You can choose Low, Medium, High, or Urgent.

4. The job is updated successfully.

Details Tab:

1. Under the details tab, you can edit the required details with the edit icon. 

Tasks Tab:

2. To edit the existing "Tasks" tab details, select the  kebab icon ( 

3. A pop-up will appear. Select the edit icon. 

3. A pop-up will appear. Modify the service task details and select the "Update" button. 

4. You can select "Assign Myself" or "Assign Others" to assign the tasks. 

Note: Assign Myself, and Assign Others options are visible only for the Admins. 

5. Select the "Link Asset" to add assets to the Jobs, and A pop-up will appear, choose the asset and click the "Update" button. 


6. Select "Remove" to remove the service tasks. 
On the pop-up that appears, click the "Remove" button to remove the service task from the job. 
The Job is updated successfully. 

More Actions:

From the top right of the screen, select the kebab icon ( ) to perform the Job detail action:

1. Select the “Delete” option to remove the Job. 


2. Use the “Edit Custom Fields” to modify the custom fields defined.

Note: This option applies only if the Job has custom fields and the technician can edit the fields.


4. Select the “Activity” option to view the history of the Job.


5. Select “Save as PDF” and “Share via email” to share the job card as PDF and via email. 


Create Note:

The notes are added to identify the key details about the job, and you associate the notes with other modules. 

1. Select the “Add Note” option to add the new note.

2.  Enter the notes related to the Jobs, and you can associate them with multiple modules.

1.    Enter the notes.

2.   Image, Audio, Video, and Document – You can add various multimedia files.

3.    Use the “+” option to associate the notes with other modules. 


Select the “Save” button to add the new note.

3. Select the kebab icon () to perform various note actions:
 Edit Note– You can modify note contents and add or remove the attachments.

Make Note Private– This note is visible only to the user who created the note.

Make Note Internal– This privacy setting will help you make the note visible to all internal employees.

Delete– This helps to remove the note from the module.


The new note is created successfully.

Create Message:

Create a message related to the Jobs module. The messages will be visible to the technicians or back office who can access this job.

1. Enter the message, and the technician can also add attachments. Select the arrow button. 


The jobs module handles the core work order, and managing them efficiently is required. With Zuper you can work with the Jobs module seamlessly. 

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