How to edit the category for a job?

How to edit the category for a job?

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The Job Category, Priority, and Job Type will get updated based on the current status, and now the user can edit the job categories easily.

1. Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel.

2. Select the specific job that you want to edit.

Now you can edit a) Job Category, b) Job Type, and c) Parent Job. Click on the edit   icon.

3. Select the “Edit Job Category” to modify the job category and click on “Submit.”

4. Select the “Edit Job type” to modify the type of the job. The drop-down box is filled with the options “New” and “Revisit Job.”

5. If the job type is “Revisit,” the user must choose the corresponding parent job. The new parent’s job can be selected if the parent’s job is not set earlier.

Any previous status update will not be impacted if the Job category is changed, and only the new status will be based on the newly selected category.

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