How to edit Job timelog summary?

How to edit Job timelog summary?

Navigation:  Jobs --> Job Details --> Time log -->  Edit Icon

The recent update in the Jobs module enables users to edit the “Time Log.

Timelog enables field service managers to keep track of the working hours of field service technicians. It provides all the necessary features to enable technicians to log their work hours. In the recent update, we have added the functionality that lets users edit the “Time Log.”

A.    Pre-requisites:

1.       Select the “Settingsmodule from the left panel. Under “General Settings,” choose “Organization Settings.”

2. Choose the “Job Settings” from the left section and set “Yes” for the “Enable Time Log For Job” Option.

B. Modify Time Log:

1.  Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel and choose the Job for which you want to edit the existing job time log.

2. Select the “Time log” from the section on the right.

3. Select the user’s specific “Time log” for which you want to edit.

4. Select the “Edit”    icon to modify the time log.

5. The edit time log option is our new feature in this update.

Logged Date – Modify the date to either past or future.

Logged Time – Modify the time to either past or future. 

Select the “Update” button to modify the time log. 

6.  The time log option is modified successfully.

With this new feature, users can easily modify the existing time log as required. 

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