How to Delete a Status from Job history?

How to Delete a Status from Job history?

You can delete a Job Status from an on-going job if you don't need it anymore. Once deleted, the Job Status will be deleted from the Job Status History forever. 

Deleting a Job Status from history

  1. Click on the Jobs module from the left navigation panel. 
  2. Select the specific job for which you would like to delete the status.
  3. On the Job Details Page, you will find the timeline on the left panel.

  4. To delete a status, Click the More Options button on the specific status, and select "Delete Status".

  5. The Delete Status pop-up window that prompts you to enter the reason for deleting a status.
  6. Fill in the reason for deleting the status and click on "Delete".


Note :

  • If only one status is available on the job, use the Rollback option.
  • Only Operational Managers or Administrators can delete a status, Field Technicians don't have permission to delete a job status.
  • Every successful Delete action is recorded in the Activity tab.

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