How to Create Time-Off Requests?

How to Create Time-Off Requests?

One of the most common processes to create leaves in Zuper is via Time-Off Requests. With workflow and approval steps, a paperless time-off request process can be set up from the Timesheet Module in Zuper.

Creating Time-Off Requests

  1. Click on the "Timesheets" icon in the Menu. Then, click the Manage Time Off button on the Timesheets Listing Page.

      2. You'll get redirected to the Timeoff Requests Page. Select Add Time off, which is located right below your profile image.

    3. In the Create New Timeoff Request dialogue, fill in all required fields.
  • Start Date: The date when you intend to request time-off.
  • End Date: The date by which this time-off would end.
  • Choose a Team: Name of the team an employee belongs to.
  • Choose User: The person who is requesting time-off.
  • Reason: Pick a reason from the predefined dropdown (Off, Sick, Paid, Vacation, Parental Leave, and Others)
  • Remarks Any additional remarks about the time-off request.
  • Notify EmployeeMark a check on the tiny “Square box” that will notify the employee regarding the time off request.

Note: Admin/TL can now decide to notify or not notify the user while creating time-off for them

4. Once you have filled out all necessary fields, click Submit to send the request to the team.

5. Once a time-off request is successfully submitted, you can see it on the Timeoff Requests page. 


Our latest update ensures that employees are promptly notified of their newly created time-off requests through instant notifications.

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