How to create & manage email templates?

How to create & manage email templates?

Drafting an email for workflow automation or sending an email for quotes or invoices whenever you type fresh every time may take some time. Our zuperfast email templates provide a helpful solution to send your email seamlessly. 
1. Click the "Settings" module from the left panel. 
2. Tap on the “Email Templates” under the "Other Settings section. 

3. Select the “+New Template” option from the sub-section of the “Email Template” section to create a fresh email template.

4. Select the “Edit / Delete” icon from the actions sub-section of the “Email Template” section if you want to edit or delete the existing email template. 

5. Enter the necessary details to complete the fresh email template.  

  A) Type the necessary details for “Enter Template Name.”  

 B) Select the required module for which email templates are applicable under the “Choose Template Module.” 

 C) Fill in the template description under the “Enter Template Description.” 

 D) Fill in the required subject under the “Email Subject.” 

 E) Type the body of the email if you want to prefill the texts under the “Email Body.” In the email body now the enriched editor that allows you to edit the text, highlighting the text similarly many formatting can be done.  

                                     I.        Undo & Redo: The icon’s action helps you undo and redo the current action performed. 

                                    II.        Bold: This icon helps you to highlight the text in bold.   

                                   III.        Italic: This icon helps you to highlight the text in italic.   

                                  IV.        Underline: This icon helps you to underline the text.   

                                    V.        Strikethrough: This icon helps you to strikethrough the text.   

                                  VI.        Font size: This icon helps you to increase the font.   

                                 VII.        Recent color: This icon helps you provide the text’s color.   

                                VIII.        Unorder list: This icon helps you to set the index to an unordered one.   

                                   IX.        Order list: This icon helps you to set the index to ordered one.   

                                    X.        Paragraph: This icon helps you to align your sections easily.   

                                   XI.        Line Space: This icon helps you to provide the necessary line space.   

                                 XII.        Table: This icon helps you to add a fresh table.   

                                XIII.        Attachment: This icon helps you to add new attachments.   

                               XIV.        Video: This icon helps you to add a fresh video.   

                                 XV.        Help: This shows you how to use the shortcuts for the editor.   

6. After typing the necessary details, tap on the “Save” button and you can successfully create a fresh email template.  

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