How to create/edit an Asset Templates in Zuper Web App?

How to create/edit an Asset Templates in Zuper Web App?

Asset templates are pre-defined templates that help you to set the values for the asset categories. 

1. Log in to Zuper with an admin account.

2. Scroll down the menu bar on the left and select the "Settings" icon.

3. Under the "Configuration Settings" category, select "Assets".

4. On the "Assets" page, select "Asset Templates" and click on the "New Template" button.

5. Fill in the following details:

 Template Name (Mandatory)
The name of the asset template. 

 Asset Category (Mandatory)

You can choose the category under which the asset is present. 

Template Description (Mandatory)
The explanation of the template.
Format (Mandatory)
The type of format in which you want to set the pagination. 
Orientation (Mandatory)
The page orientation is the way of setting the rectangular page for normal viewing. 

The orientation can be either Portrait or Landscape. 
Border (Mandatory)
Set your preferred border values. 
The actual template space is based on your selection. 
The editor option helps you to set the template based on your preferences. 

Note: Verify the template created using the "Validate Template" option. 
In case of any issues in template creation, kindly contact our Support Team at     

Similarly, click on the "Edit"(pencil icon) next to the Template to be edited. This will bring up the "Update Asset Template" window, make the required changes, and click on "Update Template." 

Use the "Delete" icon to remove the template. 

The template creation saves your precious time, and once you define the template based on the category, the automation process of one-time creation and multiple-time usage is the best benefit.  

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