How to create and manage recurring jobs on Zuper Web App?

How to create and manage recurring jobs on Zuper Web App?

Navigation:  Jobs -->  Recurring Jobs

With the new "Update Recurrence" feature, you can now customize the settings for recurring jobs based on your preferred days of the month or week.

Create Recurring Jobs:

The job must be set as a “Recurring Job” in the recurrence options.

Navigation: Jobs --> + Create New Job (Select “Recurring Job” from the “Job Recurrence” option and choose “Update Recurrence.”)

1. Select the Jobs module from the left panel and click “+Create New Job.”

2. Fill in the four tabs one by one.

Under the “Customer Details” tab, select the “Choose Organization” option. 

3. From the pop-up that appears, choose the required active “Organization” and click on the “Select Organization” button.

4. Now click “Choose Property.

5. From the pop-up that appears, choose the required active “Property” mapped with the Organization and click on the “Select Property” button.

6. Select the “Service and Billing” contact information.

7. Fill in the required details under the “Job Details” tab. Choose the Job Recurrence option “Recurring Job.

8. Under the “Job Details” tab, select “Update Recurrence,which is next to Job Recurrence.

8. A call-to-action pop-up window will appear.

9. Recurrence Start From (Mandatory) – The beginning date of the recurrence. Select the date from the “Date Picker.”

Recurrence Duration (Mandatory) – Enter the interval between the schedule and choose “Months.” (You can also select Days, Weeks, or Years).

Job Start Time (Mandatory) – Enter the recurrence schedule beginning time.

Job End Time (Mandatory) – Enter the recurrence schedule finishing time.

Here comes the new update that we introduced now when the option is selected as “Month”:

Choose Frequency (Mandatory) – Select the frequency as a month.

Repeat Every (Mandatory) – Enter the time interval between each service.

Days of Month (Calendar Card) – Select the exact day of the month on which service needs to be done.

Days of Week(Calendar Card) – After choosing the days of the month, select the days of the week in which service needs to be done.

Based on the selected frequency and the recurrence days, the text will be displayed based on the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly details like the following:

For Instance:

Select the “Save Recurrence” button to confirm the job recurrence schedule. 

Note: In case of modifying the existing “Job Recurrence,” select the required fields and click the “Update Recurrence” button. 

10. Choose the required users under the “Assign Employees” tab.

11. View the filled Job details from the “Preview and Save.”

Now click “Save Job” to create the new Job. 

12. The new job is created successfully.

Edit Recurring Jobs:

It is easy for the user to edit and reschedule recurring jobs under a single recurring group. 

1. Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel and choose "Recurring Jobs" from the top right corner. 

2. Select the recurrence job that you want to update.

4. You can modify the required details using the "Edit" icon displayed next to the applicable fields. 

Note: Similarly, you can modify all the applicable fields with the "Edit" icon. 

4. Select the required Job category from the pop-up that appears and choose the “Update” button.

5. Select the preferred job category and choose the “Update” button.

You can see that the “AC Cleaning” job category is modified to “AC Repair.”

Select the “Update” button to modify any recurring job preferences.

Delete Recurring Jobs:

The user can easily delete the recurring jobs group and the jobs under the recurring category with this new feature.

1. Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel and choose "Recurring Jobs" from the top right corner. 

2. Select the recurrence job that you want to update and click on the “Delete” icon 

Note: Put a check on the tiny “Square box” on the “Delete Associated Recurring Jobs.” All the recurring jobs will be deleted permanently if you mark this box.
Select the "Delete" button to delete the recurring jobs. 

Note: a checkmark on Mark, a check on the tiny “Square box” on the “Delete Associated Recurring Jobs” will delete the jobs that come under the “Recurring Jobs” category.

The delete action is completed successfully.

Businesses can now easily manage all their recurring jobs in a single place without the need to filter & view them separately. 

Maintenance jobs typically involve regular, timed services to help extend the lifespan of equipment or manage inventory. Our new update allows you to choose the specific days of the week under the Months view to create clear schedules for recurring maintenance tasks. This helps streamline the process and keeps your business running smoothly.


Navigation: Jobs --> Recurring Jobs -->Filter 

Recurring work orders help ensure that regular maintenance tasks are performed for customers on time, every time. With the newly added filters (Filter by Job Category and Filter by Customer), the back-office team can efficiently allocate resources, improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

1. Select the "Jobs" module from the left panel and choose the "Recurring Jobs" option.

2. Select the filter icon. 

3. Select the applicable filter and choose the "Apply Filter" button.

4. The filter is applied successfully.

You now have the ability to sort recurring jobs using two filters: "Filter by Job Category" and "Filter by Customer".

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