How to Create a Time Sheet Entry?

How to Create a Time Sheet Entry?

Timesheets are used to document an employee's work hours for auditing purposes. Zuper lets you post a timesheet entry in just a few clicks. In addition, administrators can create a timesheet entry for the other employees.

If required, admins or field service technicians can add remarks against specific records in the timesheet. This helps users to get clear information/status of the employee for a specific day.

Pre-Requisites: Settings --> Organization Settings  --> Timesheet Settings  --> Set "Yes" for the "Allow entering remarks for Punch in / Punch out."
Navigation: Timesheets  --> New Entry  --> Remarks

Creating a Time Sheet Entry

  1. Click on the "Timesheets" icon in the Menu.
  2. In the Timesheets Listing Page, click on the New Entry button to open the New Timesheet Page.
    3.  Fill out the required fields in the Timesheet Form.
                    i.   Type of Entry – The entry type classification for the employee. 
                 ii.  Select Location – The location from where the time entry happens. 
                iii.  Select Date – The date on which the clock in/out happens
                iv.  Select Time – The time at which the clock in/out happens. 
               v.    Remarks – Additional comments, if any. 

4. Select and assign users for the Timesheet from the Available Co-Workers list. Added employees will be displayed in the Selected Co-Workers section. You can always choose to remove them by clicking the "Remove" button.

5. Once you have selected all required users, click Save Timesheet to save your timesheet. 

6. Click on Save in the confirmation dialog to save your timesheet.  

7. You can view the saved timesheets on the Timesheet Listings Page.

Timesheet Approvals:

Navigation: Timesheets --> Timesheet Approvals

You can now view the exact working hours of your employees and approve or reject their timesheets.

Total Working Hours = Overtime Hours + Work Hours

1. Select the Timesheets module from the left panel and choose “Timesheet Approvals” from the top right.

2. To approve the timesheet of an employee, click on the view icon.   

3. You can now view the detailed total working hours while approving the timesheet.

Our new update is as follows:

Total Work Hours – The entire time worked by an employee.

Work Hours – The actual working time of an employee.

Overtime Hours – The extra working time of an employee.

The Total Work Hours are calculated by the summation of Work Hours + Overtime Hours.

With the new timesheet capability, businesses can accurately track and approve employee working hours, ensuring fair and efficient payroll. The ability to approve or reject timesheets streamlines the process and eliminates any discrepancies, making it a crucial aspect of payroll management.

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