How to create a Service Contract?

How to create a Service Contract?

The service contract is the service agreement between the business and the customer, lists down services that need to be performed, timeline, and other vital information.  Zuper allows the user to experience the best service contract creation for you, and with the multiple modules linked with each other, contract creation is now quickly created. 

1. Click the “Contracts” module from the left panel. 

2. Select the “+New Contract” module from the header. 

3. Select the “Customer” tab and enter the necessary details.  

4. If you want to add a new customer, tap the “+New Customer” option and fill in the required customer details.  

5. Select the “Contract” tab and enter the necessary contact details. To add multiple “Properties” and “Assets” select “+Pick Assets” and “+Pick Properties.” 

  A) Contract Package: This helps the company choose the preferred package suitable based on the benefits provided by the customer           
  B) Contract Prefix: The prefix for identifying the Contract.  
  C) Contract Name: The name identifying the Contract.
  D) Contract Ref. No.: The unique number identifying the Contract. 
  E) Contract Term: The period of the Contract (In Months). Mandatory field 
  F) Contract Start Date: The start date of the Contract.  Mandatory field 
  G) Contract Expiry Date: The end date of the Contract.  Mandatory field 
   H) Contract Type: The type of the Contract. Mandatory field.
   I) Contract Template: The standard template for the Contract.  
  J) Contract Description: The description of the Contract. Mandatory field.
6. Select the “Part / Service” tab and enter the necessary part and service details. The line items can be added by “+Add Item,” and the list of things can be added by “+Add from Group.” The associated asset can be linked to the “Part / Service” by using the “+Add Asset” option.  

7. Select the “Invoice” tab and enter the necessary invoice details. Under the “Invoice Details” section 

Note: The business wants to create a contract, and the Invoice tab is non-mandatory for them. Therefore, the time to make a contract is swiftly done without any hustle.
              A) Select the “Billing Period”  The billing period is configured inside “Settings --> Quote &  Invoice Page.” 

              B) Enter “Generate Invoice Before (In Days)” details.  

             C) Select the “Payment Term” details. The payment term is configured inside “Settings -->Quote & Invoice.” 

             D) Fill in the “Invoice Template” details which are applicable.  

             E) Choose “Yes” to automatically generate the invoice using the “Automatically Generate Invoice” option.  

8. Under the “Invoice” tab, select the “Add Attachmentoption and add the required attachments and tap on the “Upload” button. 

9. Tap on the “Save Contractoption to generate the “New Contract” details. On saving the contract option, the user will be redirected to the contract details page. 

 This is the method by which you can easily create service contracts. 

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