How to create a New Route and Jobs to it?

How to create a New Route and Jobs to it?

Routes can be created in Zuper to help employees find the best possible Route to the job locations. Courses are designed based on the Start location, date, time, and type of transport. Please follow the below instructions to create a Route. 
  1. Log in to Zuper Account.
  2. Select the "Maps" icon from the Menu bar on the left side.
  3. On the maps Page, Click on the "Routes" button from the menu bar on the left.

     4.  In the "Create new Route" window, enter the details and click on "Create Route."
5.  Route Name - Provide a name for the Route.

  1. Departure Date - Date of departure on the Route.
  2. Departure Time - Time of departure on the Route
  3. Route Color - The color with which the Route will be marked on the map. 
  4. Route Optimization Rate - The method of optimization to be used when creating the Route (Fastest Travell time/ Shortest Distance)
  5. Transport Mode - The mode of transport that would be used on the Route
  6. Start Location - The location from where the Route would start 
  7. Now Select the Route from the list of routes.
  8. In the popup window, all the jobs scheduled for the day will be displayed.
  9. Click on the "add" button "+" to add the jobs to the Route and click on "Update."

10.  Now Click on "Optimize route" this will show the best route based on your preference to reach all   the jobs.  

Note: If the customer location is not plotted on the map in the customer details, it will not show up. Therefore make sure the customer location is plotted on the map while creating the job. 


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