How to create a new proposal from V3 Zuper Web App?

How to create a new proposal from V3 Zuper Web App?


Before providing an official price quote or estimate, a business or service provider may send a preliminary document or communication to a potential client. This is called a "Proposal," and it is usually used when the project or service scope needs clarification or definition before determining a specific price.

If you are unable to access the Proposal related configuration, please contact Zuper support to enable this feature for your account
Navigation: Settings --> Configuration Settings   --> Quotes & Invoices                                              

a. Service Packages:

A service package is a proposed structured offering of specific solutions or services to a potential customer or client. You must specify the service package first.

1. Select the “Settings” icon from the left panel. Under the “Configuration Settings,” click the “Quotations & Invoices” section.

2. Select the “Service Packages” and click the “+ New Package.”

3. Under the “Service Package Details” section:

Name – Enter the name of the service package.

Description – Enter the description of the service package.

Remarks - Enter the remarks.

Click the + Add Item button to add the parts and services. 

The service package is created successfully. 
i. Click the reorder button   to rearrange the service package line items. 
ii. Click the “Clone” icon to duplicate the service package. 
iii. Click the “Edit” icon to modify the service package. 
iv. Click the “Deactivate” icon to deactivate the service package. 

Navigation: Settings --> Configuration Settings   --> Quotes & Invoices

b. Proposal Templates:

The proposal templates are predefined templates to link the service packages. This template is a basic format for creating a quote proposal. You can customize it to include specific details related to your products or services.

1. Select the “Settings” icon from the left panel. Under the “Configuration Settings,” click the “Quotations & Invoices” section. 

2. Select the “Service Packages” and click the “+ New Proposal Template.

3. Enter the “Template Name” and click the "Create” button.

4. . Click the +Add Package button to add the Service Package.


5. Select the service package and click the “Save” button.

6. Enter the "Label" name and Click the “Save Template" button to save the template.

7. The proposal template is created successfully. 

Navigation: Accounting --> Quotes and Invoices  --> + New --> Proposal

C. Create a New Proposal

The proposal is the stage before the estimate is sent to the customer. With the service package and proposal template creation, now you can send the proposal to the customer.

1. Select the Accounting module from the left panel and choose the “Quotations” module. 


2. Click the +New button and choose the Proposal.”

3. Choose either “Customer” or an “Organization.”

4. Enter the proposal details.

Proposal Title (Mandatory Field) – Enter the title of the proposal.

Proposal Date (Mandatory Field) – Select the date on which the proposal is created.

Expiry Date (Mandatory Field) - Select the date on which the proposal expires.

Quote Template (Mandatory Field) - Select the quote template from the drop-down list. 


5. Click the  edit icon to modify the package details.

6. Modify the proposal details and click the “Update” button.
7. Click the "Save as Draft" to save the proposal. 

8. A “Save as Draft” pop-up will appear. Click the “Save” button to save the proposal.

9. The proposal is created successfully.

10. Click the “Send” button to send the proposal to the customer.

11. Select any one of the proposal options and click the “Mark as Accepted” button.
12. A pop-up appears. Click the "Mark as Accepted" button. 

13. Click the "Accept" button to accept the proposal. 

14. Once you accept the “Proposal,” the proposal is accepted as a “Quote.”

Navigation: Filter --> + Add Filter  --> Apply Conditions --> + --> Apply Filter

D. Filter by Proposal

 You can use the “Filter by Proposal” option and choose “Yes” to filter the proposal line items. 
Click the “Apply Filter” button to apply the filter. 

1. Select the filter icon to filter the quote module details. 

2. Click the "+ Add Filter" button to provide the conditions. 

3. Enter the field type to choose the field as "Is the Proposal"then select the operator as "Equal To" and choose the field value "Yes" to choose the field.

Click the "+" button. 

Note: You can use the "+" button to add multiple filters. 

4. Click the "Apply Filter" button to apply the filter. 
5. The "Filter by Proposal" is applied successfully. 

With this new feature, businesses can send a proposal involving a company or individual submitting a formal proposal to offer their products, services, or solutions to another business or organization in response to a specific request, opportunity, or business need.

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