How to create a new organization in a V3 Zuper Web App?

How to create a new organization in a V3 Zuper Web App?

The organization module helps manage the company details, and In this module, you can add and edit Organization information with ease.

1. Select the "Clients" icon from the left navigation panel and choose the “Organization” icon from the left navigation panel. 

2. Click the "+New Organization" button from the top left corner. 

3.  Enter the “Primary Information” details:

A.     Enter the organization name.

B.      Add the “Organization Logo.”

C.      Enter the email details.

D.      Enter the required “Organization Description.”

4.   Enter the “Service Address” and “Billing Address” details. 

5. You must choose either the "Address" or "Geo-Coordinates" option. 
Note: Always use the "Pick From Map" option to capture the address. 
Click the "Use this Address" button to add the address. 

6. Click the "+Pick Customers" button to add the customers, if you want to add the customers to the organization from the pop-up that appears. 

Other details - If any custom fields are added under the settings, you can fill in the details here.

Click the "Save Organization" button to create the new organization. 

The Organization module contains different company details linked with the customer contacts. By associating these modules, you can help the field technician to operate efficiently. 

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