How to Create a New Invoice from a Job?

How to Create a New Invoice from a Job?

Creating an invoice from a job

1. Go to the Jobs Listing Page by selecting the 'Jobs' Module in the Menu.

2. Locate the specific job for which you would like to raise a Quote.
3. Once the Job Details Page opens, click on the “More Actions” dropdown and select New Invoice.

4. You will be directed to the New Invoice Page which auto-populates important Customer and Job Information from the selected job.

5. Once you fill in Invoice Details and choose an Invoice Template, you can either save that specific invoice as a PDF, print it, or send it to your respective customer.
6. To send the invoice to your customer's email address, click on Save & Send. 
(Note: New Invoice button will be visible only if your organization has enabled Zuper's Invoice Module). 

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