How to connect with Zuper for customer communication?

How to connect with Zuper for customer communication?

The Gupshup – Zuper Integration helps the user build a bot platform and set up the conversational bot service that enhances customer communication while using the WhatsApp chatbot.

 The customer gets the subscription for Gupshup, and our Zuper builds a conversational bot for the best customer-user communication on WhatsApp. To provide the experience, Gupshup ensures that messages created for WhatsApp by Zuper are valid before those conversations are used on WhatsApp. Without predefining and approved templates on the Gupshup, the developer will not be able to send the messages on WhatsApp. 

1. log in to “Gupshup” and enter the valid credentials to log in and set the conversational bot.


2. Select the “Message Templates” option from the left panel.

3. The user can view the message template, create a template, or clone the existing ones. To start a new template, select the “Create” option.

4. Enter the “Your Account” password and “Name,” then select the “Alert Update” option under the category.

5. Select the “Type” of the template as “Text.” Next, choose the “Language” as “English.” Finally, enter the Header (Optional) and Body details.

6. Enter the “Footer” Details (Optional), Button (Optional), and button text (Mandatory) details. The button text can be viewed under the preview pane. Then select the “Add Sample” option.

7. Enter the “Body” details under add sample content option to preview the details and select “Done.”

8. Select the “Create” option to generate the message template. Once the message templated gets approved, the details will be used for the user–bot conversations without any flaws.

Whenever Zuper creates the message templates on the Gupshup for the user-bot interaction, Gupshup ensures the approved pre-registered messages and the conversational messages built by the developer remain the same.

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