How to Chat Within a Job?

How to Chat Within a Job?

Chats are a great way to share information and collaborate with other stakeholders. 

Administrators and Supervisors can communicate with their field technicians effortlessly using the chat option within every job. What's more, every chat conversation that you have within a job is tied to it. Chats can be initiated by any member of an organization.

Chatting Within a Job

To initiate a chat conversation within a job, you will need to navigate to the Job Details Page.

  1. Click on the "Jobs" Module in the Menu.
  2. Select the job where you would like to initiate a chat conversation.
  3. Select the "Messages" section in the Job Details Page in the middle pane.
  4. Enter the text you want to enter in the "Type Your Message" text box and click on Send.
  5. You can also add attachments along with the text message.

Note: Your Field Technicians will receive a notification on their mobile when a message is available on a job they are assigned. They can access the chat from their mobile device and reply to messages from the "Zuper Pro" mobile app.


Note: Only people who are a part of the job can access the chat option within a job.                                 



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