How to bulk-update recurring Job Schedule and Employee Assigned?

How to bulk-update recurring Job Schedule and Employee Assigned?

Now in a single click, mass update recurring Job Schedule / Employee Assigned sections.  
  1. Log in to Zuper Account.

      2. Select the "Jobs" icon from the Menu bar on the left side.

3. On the Jobs Page, Click on the respective “Job” for which you like to mass update. Then, tap “Job Scheduled at” or “Employees Assigned.” to use this functionality.

4. A single checkmark on the “Update all jobs in the recurrent schedule?” box enables you to update all the recurring jobs scheduled or modify the existing employees assigned in one click.

Navigation:  Jobs --> Recurring Jobs -->Parts & Services

The custom fields present under the recurring jobs are updated with the option to add parts/services for the job and edit the parts and services for all the jobs in a single click.  

1. Select the “Jobs” module from the left panel and choose the “Recurring Jobs” section.

2.  Select the recurring job for which you want to add the parts and services.

3.  Under the “More Actions” section, select the “Add Parts/Service” option.

4. Select the required products and choose the “Add Product” option.

5. Mark a check on the tiny “Square box,” which helps perform the bulk action on the recurring jobs, and the parts and services will be updated for the entire jobs.

6. The product is successfully created.

The field technicians' work is made simple when they need to update the custom fields of the parts and services for recurring jobs. 

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