How to bulk issue Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPMs) and use the filters and view on the Zuper Web App?

How to bulk issue Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPMs) and use the filters and view on the Zuper Web App?

The planned preventive maintenance should be done periodically to avoid the failure of the devices or assets. These PPMs can be converted into jobs that will be helpful for the field executive to do the service. Now it is possible to convert PPMs into jobs. 

Filter PPM:

Navigation: Assets --> PPMs --> Filter PPMs

The filter PPM option helps to filter the list of PPMs.

1. Select the “Filter” icon from the top right corner of the screen.


2. Select the relevant filter and press the “Apply Filter” button.

List view:

Navigation: Assets -->PPMs --> List View

The list view helps to display the PPMs in two ways
1. List View
2. Calendar View.

    1. Select the list view option to display the PPMs in the list view

2. Select the calendar view option to view the PPMs in a calendar view.

Bulk issue PPMs:

Navigation: Assets --> PPMs --> Bulk Issue PPMs

2. Select the “Bulk Issue PPMs” option.

4. Select the “Issue Chosen PPMs” option to generate the Bulk PPMs against the contract.

5. Select the “Job Category,” “Start Time,” and “End Time” under the “Preview PPMs” pop-up and select “Submit.”

6. For the selected contracts, PPMs job creation is successful.

With the Bulk issue PPMs option, you can save more time by creating PPM Jobs with a single click. 

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