How to auto-convert Planned Preventive Maintenance to Jobs?

How to auto-convert Planned Preventive Maintenance to Jobs?

The Planned Preview Maintenance can be easily converted as a Job. Our new icon    hints at the PPMs that can convert to Jobs.

1. Select the “Assets” module from the left panel.

2. The icon   indicates the PPM ids that can be converted as Jobs easily, and now using the filter option converting the PPM to Job can be filtered efficiently.

3. Modify the required “Primary Details.”

Choose Contract - (Mandatory Field) Select the relevant Contract from the dropdown list.

Choose Part / Service - (Mandatory Field) Select the relevant part/service from the dropdown list.

Priority -  Select the priority from the dropdown list. The priorities can be Low, Medium, and High.

Mark a check on the tiny “Square box” on the “Auto Generate Job” to generate Job based on the PPMs.

Generate Job Before - The job generation period from the PPMs.

Job Category - Select the category of the Job from the dropdown list.

Address - (Mandatory Field) Enter the address details.

City - (Mandatory Field) Enter the city details.

Landmark - Enter the landmark details.

State - Enter the state details.

Zipcode - Enter the zip code details.

4. Modify the required “PPM Schedule” details.

Frequency - (Mandatory Field) Select the relevant frequency from the dropdown list.

Frequency Period - (Mandatory Field) Select the relevant frequency period from the dropdown list.

Next Service Date - Select the date for the next service.

Schedule Dates - The dates for the upcoming schedules. The auto-generated jobs are shown as a job icon.

Select the “Update PPM” option to save the modified PPM details. 

With this feature, you can now easily convert the PPM id's to Jobs. 

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